Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

This particular program is on of the most lenient, favoured and only provincial immigration stream that allows applicants to obtain permanent residence through a passive investment, and then apply for citizenship. Each year a certain amount of quotas are designated globally, where applicants have the opportunity to obtain permanent residency and citizenship in one of Canada’s diverse regions Quebec. The processing of applications is solely managed by the Quebec Ministry of Immigration, the Ministère de l’Immigration de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion (MIDI).

  • In order to have eligibility to apply in this stream the applicant must have:

  • – alone or with his accompanying spouse net assets of at least $2 Million CAD that was obtained legally;

  • – at least 2 years of management experience in the past 5 years in a legal farming, commercial or industrial business, or in a legal professional business, or for an international agency or a government;

  • Outline & Key Requirements for PR and Citizenship:

  • – Net Worth $2 Million CAD

  • – Investment of $1.2 Million CAD/ Finance $350,000 CAD

  • OR, Finance through a Financial Intermediary Bank

  • – Applicant must reside 730 days (2 Years) out of 5 years upon receiving PR (Permanent Residency) and be eligible for renewal

  • – Eligible to travel to 175+ countries VISA FREE.

  • – Processing time 24-30 Months


    1. Quebec selects the candidates who are selected for its Immigrant Investor Program and grants them a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ). This document allows investors and their immediate families to apply for a permanent residence visa from the federal government of Canada, to obtain this visa without condition and, ultimately, to have the right to apply for Canadian citizenship after have met the residency requirements
    2. World class education services without any tuition fee till age at 18 anywhere in Canada; side by side each children will get $450 CAD as scholarship per month
    3. Graduation Program for the children at a very lower cost in the world renowned university anywhere in Canada
    4. Free medical including health care facilities
    5. Protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms