A Short History

The Start-up Visa Program (also named “SUV”) was launched by the federal government in 2013 as a pilot program. In July 2017, the Canada Immigration Department announced its intention to make the program permanent, which was confirmed by regulations in April 2018.

Since that date, the government has increased its intake targets recognizing the value of the SUV program.

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Because it is managed by the Federal Government, a successful SUV applicant is granted direct permanent residency status for himself, his spouse and dependent children under the age of 22 years old, within 16 to 20 months. A permanent resident is allowed to live, work and study in anywhere in Canada without having to request any further permission. A permanent resident can apply for Canadian citizenship if, among other conditions, he has been physically present in Canada for at least 1,095 days in the 5 years preceding the submission of the citizenship application.


The applicant can apply for a work permit (PA), an open work permit (SP) and student permit without school acceptance (child) in order to stay in Canada until the approval of the permanent resident visa application.
Bangladeshi applicants are granted the work permit within 8 weeks.


No management experience

The SUV applicants do not have to demonstrate any management or business experience to qualify to SUV

No eligibility point system

Contrary to traditional immigration program, SUV applicants do not need to qualify to a point system based on the age, education, etc

No exploratory trip before submission

Contrary to most provincial entrepreneur program, SUV applicants do not need to travel to Canada to qualify to the program

No start-up success requirement

The newly established start-up can fail and such failure will not affect the permanent residency application

Main Eligibility Conditions

Language Ability

Prior to the application, the SUV applicant must provide language test result CLBS (EILTS 4-5).

Innovative Business idea

The SUV applicant must present an innovative business idea that is competitive on a global scale and has the potential to create jobs in Canada.

Letter of support

Prior to the submission of the application, the SUV applicants must secure a letter of support issued by one of the organizations designed by Federal Government.

Immigration Policy

Timeline 3 to 4 months 12 to 16 months Details Party in charge Business Plan & Pitch Deck 2 week online business Business Plan & Pitch Deck 2 week online business acceleration Issuance letter of support by designated incubator Submission of Permanent Residency Visa and Work Permit application MVP Development Market Validation Incorporation Shareholders' Agreement (if necessary) Processing of Permanent Residency Application SUV Team Applicant SUV Team Applicant SUV Team Applicant Incubator SUV Team SUV Team IRCC ProfileConfirmation MarketResearch Letter ofSupport BusinessProgress ImmigrationApplication CompanyIncorporation ApplicationApproval

Overall Planned Permanent Resident Admissions

Target: Low Range: Hight Range:
401,000 300,000 411,000

Overall Planned Permanent Resident Admissions

Target: Low Range: Hight Range:
411,000 320,000 420,000

Overall Planned Permanent Resident Admissions

Target: Low Range: Hight Range:
421,000 330,000 430,000

The Canadian government has announced its intention to increase its immigration targets in almost all categories. The start-up visa program has seen its target increased by 42.8% to about 1000 to 1250 applicants per year.