Who We Are

Shah & Associates (S&A) is one of the prominent names in the Immigration and Consultancy industry, assuring true engagement with clients and no false promises, which has helped us sustain in the market longer than anyone else in the field. Our expert team and assessment has put us on the map globally. Since 1994, Dr. Shah Jaheer Ahmed (PhD), and our team has successfully completed thousands of cases that has helped us build a solid reputation in the country for providing top class services with no false promises or loopholes in services. Our skilled representatives and lawyers in Canada and around the world are always ready to give you the best possible immigration options, to help you build your second home in Canada and other regions of the world. Above all, we are well represented in the five continents, backed by our track record of success. We will be glad to provide you with references from various clients who retained us for our personalized and reliable services as we continue to serve hundreds of new and landing immigrants to the beautiful country with a fine multicultural mosaic, as their new home.

Our goal is to helping professionals and business peoples from all over the world to settle in Canada, USA, Portugal, Antigua & Barbuda and some other selected countries of the world. Our commitment to excellent client service is achieved through our pursuit of continuous professional development to stay informed of changes in all of our practice areas. Our clients represent all sectors of society includes individuals, professional and business people from Bangladesh, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, UK, USA and Australia.